Work Privately with Kristen White

Looking for focused one-on-one help with your message, niche or branding?

Perhaps you want to design a new business offering or develop a new concept?

You may even be just getting started and need some insider secrets to make your new online business highly visible and profitable.

Kristen White is an award-winning business coach, intuitive channel and media personality, she is available to work with a limited number of authors, speakers and coaches who want to break into the billion-dollar personal development industry.

Kristen will help support you to create a unique brand, a dynamic message and map out the strategy to make it all happen quickly and seamlessly. Her agency, White Media Agency, will help you put it all together and implement your website development and email marketing funnels with several Done-for-You Packages.

The first step is to apply for a complimentary Discovery Call.

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We’ll reach out to you to schedule a time to connect.

**Private consulting packages start at $5,000 USD.

What Clients Say About
Working with Kristen White

  • I was trying to figure out how to begin the process of writing my first book. It is a memoir and covers the most personal and painful experience in my life-the loss of my two sons.

    Kristen has given me the confidence to begin while simultaneously helping me with the logistics of the book writing process.

    I feel that Kristen’s personal experience in writing her own novel played a tremendous part as well as just mentoring me throughout my painful journey.

    From the first meeting you realize you are getting a truly unique and special spirit with Kristen. She is funny and outgoing and makes you feel comfortable immediately. She truly wants to see you succeed and is open about how to get you to your personal goals.
    Kristin Akin
  • I had been in business a few years, and was looking for a strategic partner who could help me move forward quickly.
    Kristen helped me refine my niche, and better define my programs and offers. Within three months of working with her,
    I had my best month ever of over $40,000 in revenue.

    Kristen has a wide range of skills she brings to the table with business coaching.
    Cheryl Heppard
  • Kristen helped me solidify my message to align more authentically with my mission and expertise. Connect with her at the risk of being wildly successful at shining to the world as the real YOU.
    Jennifer Williams
  • Kristen brings together different elements of the best practices for becoming known, getting our message out there, and getting filmed with a professional image. I have been stuck in a lab too long to manage this on my own. If one is ready to become a public figure for your topic, then this is absolutely the way to go.
    Anastasia Chopelas
  • She is an idea machine whose energy will propel anyone to move forward. There are no platitudes or generalities with Kristen--it is specific and focused, and the ideas come fast and furious from and with her.
    Mark Wilkerson

Kristen White’s Current Projects:

Mandala Meditation Television on
Amazon Prime

Join host Kristen White and her new show "Mandala." Mandala's a Sanskrit word which means Circle. Its been used as a meditation tool for centuries. Inside the circle is a repetitive pattern organized around a central theme. We are all like the metaphor of the Mandala, because we have designed repetitive patterns in our lives. Do these patterns build us up or tear us down?

The show features experts, authors, filmmakers and teachers in health; wellness, personal development and spirituality who help us explore our patterns and offer insight and inspiration on personal change and transformation. Each episode also features a brief meditation with one of the expert guests.

"Mandala" is produced by White Media Agency, the premier media and marketing agency for experts the wellness, personal development and spirituality marketplace. White Media Agency offers video production, media training, website development and email marketing solutions.

Watch Trailer
Watch Trailer

Shamanic Trekker:
Journey to the Source

John White Horse and Kristen White travel to the High Andes of Peru to experience the powerful healing energy of the indigenous tribe of the Q'eros in the land of the Shamans. Sacred travel to Peru available Summer 2018. The dates are June 5th through the 27. There are three different trips that are available to an intimate group. These trips will involve sacred ritual blessings, receiving of the powerful rights directly from the Shamans. Initiations and bands of protection, and plant medicine ceremony with Ayahuasca. There will also be a travel to sacred sites to receive specific energy available only in that location with the Shamans from the Caro tribe and originates in Cusco, and then travels to the Sacred Valley for a stay at a beautiful healing and wellness retreat, world renown healing and wellness retreat called Wilk Tikka. Then ends with a trip to Machu Picchu to experience the Machu Picchu heritage site at sunrise.