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22 Proven Paths to Gain Visibility
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The New Paradigm for Book Marketing in 2021

Self-published and published authors alike need a clear and solid business strategy to promote your book online. Book marketing in today’s global marketplace requires authors to have the skills to effectively use social media, local business marketing, media appearances on television, podcasts and radio, article publication in magazines and digital platforms and public speaking. A successful book launch now goes beyond traditional book marketing. Authors who want to build a successful business around their books in the self-improvement industry now must include life coaching programs, internet courses, webinars, email marketing, video production, motivational speaking and/or Ted Talks and offer retreats and workshops.

Business Beyond Your Book™ was created by award winning business coach and bestselling author Kristen White to mentor authors who want to join the explosive and dynamic motivational and personal development industry. The comprehensive training is available as a virtual internet course and provides authors with the tools and the strategy needed to develop a highly-visible, profitable, unique, online business based on the content in your book.

Kristen White

The Personal Development Industry did $9.9 billion in revenue in 2017 and is growing at a rate of 5.6%. The Self-Improvement Industry features programs and products which seek to improve us physically, mentally, financially or spiritually.

Authors who desire to enter into this dynamic global Personal Development Marketplace need these three key offerings: a Book, a Motivational Speech/ “Ted Talk,” and a Life Coaching program.

Where should I start my journey
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