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Boost Your Book Sales In 2024

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Attract The Media: With Kristen White

Discover the insider secrets to attracting media appearances which sell your book from former ABC/ NBC/ FOX local news journalist, author, TV series host, and documentary film producer - Kristen White.

This digital book reveals Kristen’s step-by-step plan to sell books through attracting TV appearances, speaking engagements, podcast interviews, and local media. You’ll learn the slight edge tips you need to get quoted, featured and interviewed so your book starts flying off the shelf!

You’ll gain valuable insights on what to say and how to say things that make you stand out to the media, based on Kristen’s 20+ years as a journalist and producer.

100’s of authors have already used Kristen’s insider secrets to get their message seen and heard around the globe by attracting the media.

Don’t let your valuable message stay the world’s best kept secret any longer!

Get Your Copy of Boost Your Book Sales Today for Only $4.99!

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Pick up your digital copy of Boost Your Book Sales for just $4.99 to get media insider tips and strategies to attract the media.

Gain Expert Positioning.

Sell Your Books Around the World!

Get Quoted, Get Featured, Get Interviewed!

Dear Author,

You’re here because you want sales for your book!

Let’s face it, you put in a lot of hard work, time, passion, and resources to get your unique message into the world.

Yet your book is “invisible” or “collecting dust on the shelf” and you never got the amazing business you thought would come with it.

You’ve done all the foundational things they tell you to do, but nothing gets people buying your book.

Here’s the thing:

It’s not because you’re a terrible author or your content sucks.

The reason your book doesn’t sell is because the traditional model is broken. You need a new way to get your unique message seen and heard so your book starts flying off the shelf like you know it should.

Attract the Media and Sell your Book in 2024.

A Note from the Author…

Hey I’m Kristen White,

A TV news journalist from ABC, FOX, and NBC in Florida, STL, Phoenix and a media expert who has produced and hosted FOUR different TV series interviewing authors, even NYT bestselling authors, a documentary film, and hundreds of podcasts interviews. My programs have been featured on Amazon Prime.

All of my shows feature AUTHORS… just like you.

Over the past 2 decades, I’ve worked with thousands of authors to get their messages on stages, even TEDx, on local and national news, in publications, and on podcasts.

The result is they all rise above the noise and sell more books… a lot more books!

The repeatable process and proven steps that helped these authors maximize their books potential and showcase their expertise … can also work for you.

It’s faster and easier than your ever thought possible.

I know that you can use the same process to finally get the recognition, influence and income you want from the epic achievement of becoming a published author.

In my book. Boost your Book Sales, I lay out the process in detail.

If you ever wanted a friend in the media, this is your chance to learn the secrets and get the support from knowing an insider.

Let me pull back the curtain for you!


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I help Authors Attract the Media so they Sell more Books and Become Author Famous.

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Inside Boost Your Book Sales, you’ll see how authors use this Proven Plan to…

Take the EXACT steps, in the EXACT order, to attract the media and get the attention you need to grow your personal brand, showcase your personal growth business, and ….. sell more books, So, you don’t need to feel like your book was a failure, and nobody wants to read it.

Media Experts are looking for RELEVANCE, you may be the exact source they need in a tight deadline. But if you’re not ready, and you’re not inside their inbox, they will find another expert to feature or grab a quote.

All other methods of Book Marketing are PASSIVE. You have to WAIT for someone in the media to notice you and seek you out. In this noisy marketplace, it’s likely that will never happen.

To get in the Media, you need to already be “featured” in the media. This is the part no one shares. Media experts, journalists, are super busy and they want a sure thing. You need to be positioned as a trusted media expert PRIOR to attracting a landslide of media coverage.

87% of media expert want to be pitched via email. If you don’t have the insider access, your pitch will land in the JUNK FOLDER.

Journalists want to build their story with REAL PEOPLE. If you are prepared to instantly hop on an interview and provide valuable, unique, and verified information. You will be saved as a key resource and be featured again and again.

Follow the same, simple, proven path that has helped 1000’s of authors, and soon-to-be authors, launch their books and gain massive momentum with media appearances, and launch a million-dollar mentorship business within one year.

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This Book is MUST- READ for …

Authors, who have a strong desire to impact millions of lives with the messages of transformation in their book (s) with a straightforward way to attract and leverage media appearances.

Soon-to-be-Authors, who want to get it right the first time and who don’t want to wait years to get the attention for the book inspired by their personal life journey.

Professionals ready to pivot your career and launch a mentorship program based on their book you just spent writing, without another 10+ years of invisibility.

Entrepreneurs, who want to reach a million dollars in sales this next year as the result of new clients interested in their services after seeing them being feature in the media on podcasts interviews, in articles and on local and national news.

87% of media expert want to be pitched via email. If you don’t have the insider access, your pitch will land in the JUNK FOLDER.

Individuals who are willing to invest the time and energy NOW to build a media ready expert profile, so they are ready and poised to catch every single media wave that comes their way.

Anyone looking for a step-by-step path with a “Friend in the Media” without the complicated path of developing high level contacts a positioning your message to attract the media you want to receive to grow your influence, impact and INCOME.

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Success Stories from people who have implemented the steps in Boost Your Book Sales: Attract the Media

Boost Your Book Sales

By Kristen White

Attract the Media, Speak on Stages, and be a Million $ Mentor With Your Message.

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The Clear Path to Boost your Book Sales by attracting the media is broken down into four key stages...

Stage 1: The Story

The Story is at the heart of all media coverage. What is your unique story, message, or hook? This can be the most challenging to figure out and it’s important to get it right. Your ability to attract the media hinges on it. This is not an easy stage to get though. Many authors are stuck here indefinitely.

It’s a combination of what is happening in the CURRENT news cycle and what information you as an expert can contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way that adds value and insight.

Would you like a Newsroom Insider to look at your BOOK and help your position yourself as a media expert?

Here's What to Expect in This Phase

Develop a Media Ready Profile

Identify the exact stories you want to share with the media from your book. You book is long and media interviews are short. How do you share you story within this framework.

Craft your Media Interview Response

Soundbites are media ready statements that all media experts have crafted and rehearsed multiple times.

Create events and appearances that fill the criteria for most media coverage.

It’s based on something that is happening in the NOW. You can create media mentions by winning book awards, appearing at events, like book fairs, and creating events that showcase your expertise.

What is the REAL HUMAN angle.

In the world of AI, journalist want to hear the heart and soul of the story through the VOICE of a REAL PERSON.

Stage 2: The Pitch

If they don’t KNOW about YOU, and your BOOK, they won’t feature you, interview you, or quote you.

The PITCH is all about getting in front of the right journalist at the right moment who feels their audience will love your message.

With Kristen White, YOU have “FRIEND in the MEDIA” who will help you crush your pitch and dial in your message so you get the media attention you deserve.

Ready to finally find an Invisibility Cure for all your hard work?

Authors with books in the media sell a lot more BOOKS….

And they sell more Programs, Coaching, and Lucrative Speaking Appearances.

Here's What to Expect in This Phase

This is all about RELEVANCE, reporters and media pros work on a beat. This is a specialty area of focus. Its very irritating for them to receive a pitch about a story that does not match their audience. Learn to be strategic with your media pitch, so your contacts will want to take the next steps with you.

It’s about REAL PEOPLE. Be yourself, be prepared and have a solid statement that is honest, unique, and VERIFIED. Know the facts around your book and the latest research and statistics. Be ready to offer quotes that can be used right away. Media moves very, very, fast.

It’s about RESOURCES In the visual and digital world, images, graphics, and charts are helpful to get your story featured. Make sure you have professional high-resolution multi-media images. Even better, have a solid brand a website built around yourself and your book. Journalist will visit your website and your social media PRIOR to reaching out

Stage 3: The Performance

Being Media READY, is all about preparing for your performance AHEAD of the first call from an interested journalist Here’s how is goes. The journalist receives an email about your book and your point-of-view. If they are interested they will look at your social media ( Instagram, Facebook and Linked In.

Next they will visit your WEBSITE. This is the FIRST PART of your audition.If you pass the test, and I’ll make sure you do! They will call you on the number you have provided. Most professional journalists are on a tight deadline. They want to speak to you TODAY. If you miss the call you often have less than an hour to reply and still get the interview.

On the call, they will interview you for either a quote or to confirm an appearance.

This is the SECOND part of your performance.

Sometimes it will stop here, but if you get invited to come to the Local or National TV station or be a FEATURED EXPERT GUEST on a Podcasts with millions of viewers and listeners.

The THIRD part of your performance

is the materials, brand image, media kit, and book packaging, you send to your producer PRIOR to your appearance.

The FINAL part of your performance is

being Media Ready for and On Camera Interview OR for the Podcast. This is your polished wardrobe, your confident mindset, your well-crafted ( and well-rehearsed) soundbites.

Then when the program starts you’re Poised, Professional, and On-Point. and this is where the magic happens.The intersection of your preparation and the invitation to get in the media.

Stage 4: The Spotlight

Once you are center stage in the spotlight, YOU can often stay they for a while. Media experts are too busy to locate new sources. So, YOU become a go to favorite.


Thousands of new subscribers to your email list.

Thousands of new followers on your Social Media accounts,

Thousands of new coaching clients,

Thousands of people in the audience as you speak,

Thousands of BOOKS SOLD.

I gotta be honest here, It’s going to take work up front, but this is the outcome many authors experience as a result of following this step-by-step process.

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Click, “YES ! I want the Book “ below to get your DIGITAL copy of Boost Your Book Sales. Attract the Media as an Author and become a Million Dollar Mentor with your Message.

Don't Just Take My Word For It, See What Others Are Saying!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Boost your Book Sales is a one-time payment of only $4.99. And you’ll get an immediate digital download plus. No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee Its simple.If you are not satisfied with the information in the Boost your Book Sales e-book, simply send an email and you’ll get your money back for the $4.99 purchase. This guarantee is available for 30 days.



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