Weekend Writing Retreats with Tom Bird

As Tom Bird’s method has proven over and over and over again, and as more than 95% of his Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreat attendees can directly attest to, with the proper guidance, instruction, environment, desire, and a willingness to give into the literary inspiration of the Divine (even despite a bit of desperation), you can, indeed, write your book in a weekend.

In 2018, Tom will be hosting three Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreats, each one scheduled around a National Book Writing Weekend.

In regard to Tom’s 2018 Retreats, all will be held at the dates and times listed below in the magical, spiritual mecca known as Sedona, AZ. And each can be attended either on a Live basis in Sedona or Virtually from the comfort of your home, wherever you might be.

Even though there are distinct, practical advantages to attending one of Tom’s retreats on a Live basis, especially if it is your first one, actual production results between the two alternatives vary only slightly.

Those attending one of Tom’s retreats in Sedona on a Live basis oftentimes make a vacation or a mini-vacation out of their trip. Here’s a link to The Sedona Chamber of Commerce website to explore options on what to do while in Sedona: https://sedonachamber.com/.
A listing of nearby hotels, other accommodations, and everything you will need to prepare for your trip will be emailed to you upon your registration for the retreat.


Retreat Prices

Write Your Book in a Weekend Live – $595
Write Your Book in a Weekend Virtual – $495


All retreats are held at Sedona Creative Life Center

Write Your Book in a Weekend Live & Virtual:

August 24-26

November 9-11

For the last thirty–four years, Tom has devoted his life to transforming aspiring writers into published authors. He has done so by leading them to connect with the spirit of their messages, life purposes and, most of all, the spirit of their books.

During that time, Tom has shared his innovative, intuitive approach and understanding, commonly referred to as The Tom Bird Method, and his message of hope and enlightenment in as many ways as possible.  And the results he has achieved have been turning the literary and publishing world upside down.

Often referred to as The Author Oracle, he is a prolific writer and teacher of writing, who has authored 33 books.  He has taught over 85,000 people his innovative techniques with 4,000 lecture appearances at hundreds of different colleges and universities, appearing in dozens of notable journals, as well as radio and television appearances, in an effort to share his innovative and successful approach to writing and publishing with as many aspiring authors as possible.

Meet Tom Bird,
The Author Oracle