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What do all Transformational Thought Leaders have in common?

It's Simple: MEDIA

Most authors hope for their novel or nonfiction book to be on The New York Times Bestsellers list or featured on The Today Show. The fact is most will be lucky to make it on the Amazon bestsellers list. If you want people to experience your novel then you will need to know how to market both your book and yourself.  The key to making sure that your novel gets noticed is a comprehensive marketing plan.

Television remains one of the most powerful marketing tools available. The challenge is, most people don't have the training to provide a polished media appearance with a clear media ready message. As a result, these people are passed over for stronger media experts.

In order to be a thought leader, you have to be able to share your thoughts in a variety of ways. This includes books, radio, social media, video, and television.

The most successful authors have mastered all levels and are among the ranks of the most well known media experts.

In fact, to get on camera today in a national or local television market, a book is required.

I have interviewed transformational thought leaders for my television programs and documentary films:

Do you dream of sharing your message with the world through:

  • Live workshops in exotic locations

  • Online teleseminars with 1000's of listeners

  • Being interviewed on CNN, The Today Show, & major media outlets with 1,000,000's of viewers

  • Broadcasting your message online to a massive worldwide community

  • 100,000's social media followers

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Are you harnessing the power of the media to take your book from the best-kept secret to best seller?

Let's face it, authors, especially self-published authors, face a lot of competition without the guidance of an experienced and established publisher.

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How Do You Make Your Book Visible?

With me, you can create a professional media clip, which helps the next media expert guest opportunities come by easier.

Business Beyond Your Book is an opportunity to create a concept map of your online business and a step-by-step strategy to make it all happen. Spend a day with me that includes four private one-on-one sessions and is recorded for your convenience. We meet virtually via Skype or in person in my office or in person at your location. During these sessions, we will also explore branding your authentic voice message and any other priorities.

Ripple Effect Digital Media is a six-month group program that teaches you how to make an impact with your message. Not all messages are the same; not all messages have the same impact.

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