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Oops, we've had some technical challenges that have prevented us from hosting a LIVE webinar this evening. 

Here is a video of the webinar hosted previously. It's all the same content. 

I’ve also created a special offer for you as part of this webinar and (because of the tech issues).

Join my 48-hour Virtual or In-Person Jumpstart Business Retreat at 50% off

(The Awareness Course, mentioned in the webinar, is a BONUS inside the Virtual Online Business Development Retreat.)

Here is the link to check it out!

Tell Me More!

The Special Offer is a Limited Time only. 

Sorry for any inconveinence. This upcoming week, I’m working with Motivational Speakers to create Speakers Videos in Las Vegas. 

I’ll have a LIVE webinar about using Speaking to Promote your Book, when I get back. 

And I promise, I’ll redo this webinar soon and answer all of your questions. 

To your Success, 

Meet Kristen White

Kristen White brings more than a decade of experience as a television journalist, documentary film producer, and anchor to her TV shows Let’s Start a Ripple and Mandala and film Shamanic Trekker: Journey to the Source. Kristen is an award-winning media expert coach who helps entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches and businesses become more powerful messengers with content creation and on-camera coaching. As a media marketing coach, Kristen White works with clients to create media based marketing platforms including television, radio, video, and multimedia books. Her company, White Media Agency, LLC, is the premier media coaching and video production company for the wellness and personal development marketplace.

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