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Welcome to the “Authentic Voice Media Expert Blueprint” Course.  My name is Kristen White and I will be taking you through this course showing you my proven, step-by-step system for getting booked on TV and Radio to share your message and become the go-to media expert in your field!

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  • Identify your ideal niche and answer the question “so, what do you do?” with confidence and charisma
  • Release your “fraud factor” and fully claim your expertise
  • Identify language patterns and habits that may be sabotaging your success
  • Discover the one choice you must make to have a massive business breakthrough
  • Learn the step-by-step, proven system to make money as an expert (even while you sleep!)
  • Find out how to turn prospects into paying clients
  • Discover industry secrets to creating websites and landing pages that convert
  • Understand the angle bestselling authors and successful entrepreneurs use to make everyone want to work with them
  • Discover the importance of pre-written scripts for success in every area of business – from talking with prospective business partners to creating videos and web pages that sell
  • Master Kristen’s foolproof script-writing system (it’s far simpler than you think!)
  • Capture anyone’s attention within the first 15 seconds – this is absolutely critical for getting your message out to the world
  • Find out the 7 core videos you must create to market yourself like a pro
  • Craft your authentic brand that will carry your message further and faster than ever before
  • Move beyond your business card, logo or book and leave a more lasting impression on everyone you meet
  • See your impact and how you come across, so you can fine-tune your messaging and brand
  • Learn proven strategies to start attracting local and national media attention today
  • Find out the key factors that determine if you will be invited on The Today Show (or even your local radio show)
  • Become a media expert – with insider tips and tricks from 20+ year media veteran Kristen White
  • Discover clothing do’s and don’ts, plus how to instantly look 20 lbs lighter
  • Find out how to receive a free style makeover
  • Learn what NOT to wear on camera (or risk regretting it for years to come)
  • Get a complete media appearance checklist you can use over and over again
  • Discover how to authentically enhance an aspect of your personality so you really stand out from the crowd
  • Create your own interview questions so you’re never put on the spot again!
  • Practice an easy technique to help you stay balanced and calm during media interviews and home videos
  • Learn a step-by-step method to create press releases that get read and shared by big media outlets and blogs
  • Find out how to get on the first page of Google
  • Discover the language that gets your message noticed and builds your reputation as an expert
  • Learn how to create your own media event and get news trucks out to your business
  • Create your own radio show – broadcasting directly from your home or office!
  • Learn strategies for booking celebrity guests (and how this will help you expand your own reach and client base)
  • Master the basics of interviewing, commercials, openers, and more
  • Find out where to meet producers and get invited on other shows
  • Create your ultimate personal and business vision (that will guide you and help you stay on track)
  • Discover your authentic voice language, which is the key to your breakthrough opportunity
  • Step into the zone of synchronicity and business “magic” – where money flows easily and the right connections practically show up on your doorstep

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In The Book, You’ll Discover:

  • How to become a recognized thought leader in your area of expertise
  • The criteria for getting your story picked up by mainstream media (TV, radio and more)
  • How to overcome fear, unlock your charisma, and make a lasting impact with your message
  • And MUCH more…