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The Ultimate Author's Marketing Toolbox is The Best Resource for Entrepreneurial Authors who want to offer Books, Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking to a Global Audience.

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Business Beyond Your Book™ Entrepreneurial Author Awareness eCourse

Regularly $497
  • Module 1: Positioning, Presence and Voice

    Gain Visibility to Sell Your Books, Products and Programs

  • Module 2: Building an Online Community

    Automate Your Business Creating the Freedom to Live the Laptop Lifestyle

  • Module 3: Irresistible Offers: Turn your Fans Into Clients

    The 6+ Figure Business Plan for Your Book as an Entrepreneurial Author

  • Module 4: Your Premium Client Experience

    Customize Events and Programs that Your Clients will Love

  • Learn how to market yourself as an expert speaker.

  • Find out what corporations want in a “package” from a professional speaker to add extra income for you.

  • Learn how to condense your message to a point of focus.

  • Find out how to create a compelling story that connects.

Business Beyond Your Book™ Author Marketing Virtual Workshop

Turn Your Life Story into a TED Talk Masterclass

Saturday, December 19
9 AM - 3 PM PST

Regularly $497

Voice: How to Share Your Message, Your Products and Your Business with the World!

Regularly $10

Permission Granted! Cure Your Invisibility...Step into the Spotlight and Share Your Message with the World!

Communication technology is exploding and new media channels are coming on the scene to meet the growing demand of a world hungry for information and inspiration! This quantum shift has created an amazing opportunity for those who have a passionate message to share. Experts today can broadcast, publish, promote and publicize their content without restriction. The only obstacle is in the mindset of the individual.

When you choose to become an enlightened media expert, you're choosing to be perceived as a visible leader who can help guide others to a higher expression of their own potential using your awakened consciousness to express principals of love and compassion that will help end their suffering.

Is a TED or TEDx Talk on your Bucket List for 2021?

Public Speaking helps YOU attract more coaching clients, sell more books, products and services and grow your brand faster than any other business marketing strategy on the planet. 

Are you ready to step on the stage?

When the invitation comes to be a featured speaker from a meeting planner, often the first request is, “Please send me a link to your website and a video of your latest talk.”
Let's face it… preparation is key here.

Does your Professional Image include a Keynote Speaker's Website and a Professional Video of YOU Speaking before a Live Audience. If not, many of the doors your want to open for your business, that you NEED to open for the growth of your brand and your future visibility, may remain closed tight.

Let's get on track right now in this moment and start to map out your message and put you on center stage.

11 Insider Pro Speaker Strategies to Rock the Stage

11 Insider Pro Speaker Strategies to Rock the Stage
Regularly $10

22 On-Camera Tips from the Media Pros

Regularly $15

Discover What it Takes to Look Like a Media Expert

Get This FREE eBook and Learn the Top 22 On-Camera Tips From the Media Pros and Perfect your Performance while Broadcasting from Home!

PLUS, as a Bonus, Get 6 FREE Training Videos To Help You Step Into The Media Spotlight As An Expert!

Get all Five Tools for just $97!

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*Offer Valid 11/25-11/30, 2020

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Get all Five Tools for just $97!

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*Offer Valid 11/25-11/30, 2020