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Entrepreneurial Author Breakthrough Business Intensive
November 16-17, Virtual
January 11-12, Virtual

Dear Conscious Entrepreneur,

A Ripple Effect starts with YOU!

At Business Beyond Your Book we specialize in showing you exactly how to impact lives world-wide with your transformational message.

How? By walking you through the exact steps to creating a bold and dynamic multi-6 figure business featuring YOU as an Enlightened Expert, changing peoples’ lives through the magic of your authentic message.

Together Let’s Start a Ripple For YOU By Creating The Business Beyond Your Book!

Jumpstart Your Global Online Business in 48 Hours

We work EXCLUSIVELY with experts in Health and Wellness, Creative Expression, Personal Development and Spirituality.

My Clients Are Seen and Heard On:

Entrepreneurial Author
Breakthrough Business Intensive
November 16-17, Virtual
January 11-12, Virtual

Business Beyond Your Book™ is an exclusive group for authors who want to grow & scale a profitable online business

A profitable online business in the key to
enjoying freedom and prosperity from living a laptop lifestyle

  • Develop one of a kind unique messaging and concepts for your personal brand to use on your websites, with your list building giveaways and in your email funnels.
  • Public Relations tips to get you on mainstream TV and radio as a featured guest, as well as media strategies to create your own regular show, like a web based TV program, online podcast or Facebook Live.
  • You’ll have a clear step-by-step unique plan of action to build and grow your business online with specific details that can be implemented right away to get you jump started.
  • How to create a RIPPLE EFFECT visibility strategy that creates waves of transformation from the IMPACT of your book, product or service.
  • Design your magical LIVE event or workshop with a vibrant title, awesome venue and a realistic date and the special language needed to get people excited to come and work with you.
  • You’ll learn the insider secrets used by all multiple 6 figure and even 7 figure authors and coaches who have a thriving online business.
  • Build your online membership site with a shopping cart where you can host a tribe of people around the world who want to join you on a regular basis to hear about your wisdom and teaching
  • Craft your online and in-person one-on-one and group coaching program and learn how to find clients and get them enrolled through powerful conversations that convert into high dollar coaching packages
  • Feel renewed passion and clarity about your new business plan that matches your lifestyle goals and helps you achieve financial freedom
  • Develop at least two clear offers with specific pricing, payments option and incentives and also an online map to offer them to your community.
  • Explore potential language, slogans, taglines, brand colors, concepts and unique ideas that position you in an authentic, dynamic one-of-a-kind way online so you can Find the Money in your Message.
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Here’s what’s included in the

Entrepreneurial Author Breakthrough Business Intensive

Weekend Writing Retreat to design the content for your online business

Two day breakthrough author retreat for entrepreneurs who want to create a highly visible, customized, successful online business based on the content in your book.

Author Workshop

  • Laptop Lifestyle through Business Automation
  • Creating a Signature Program for your Programs and Events
  • Social Media Strategies for Maximum Visibility
  • Designing a Coaching Program Step-by-Step
  • Designing an eCourse Step-by-Step
  • Designing a Webinar/Telesummit Step-by-Step
  • Launching a Membership Site Step-by-Step
  • Creating a Certification Program Step-by-Step
  • Building an Association Step-by-Step
  • Guiding Retreats and Journeys Step-by-Step
  • Getting Media Appearances and Speaking Gigs as an Author
  • Positioning your Business for Growth Business 101

Monthly Live Q & A Calls with Kristen White for 90 Days

Every month receive expert feedback, explore the concepts deeper, customize the program with your book content, and learn the insider strategies of the world's most successful Entrepreneurial Authors.

Bonus #1 (value $497)

Entrepreneurial Author Awareness e-Course

Insider Strategies to Design a Lifestyle Business You Love

Master the four pillars essential to create a highly successful, unique, online business, based on the content in your book.

Self-guided e-course designed to help you get your Entrepreneurial Author Business Launched in 30 days

Here are some more results authors have had from spending one day with me:

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(Full pay or 3 payments of $399)

November 16-17 Virtually

January 11-12 Virtually

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Now is the time to create a highly visible, unique, and successful online business based on the content in your book.

Learn the Online Business Secrets of the World’s Most
Celebrated Transformational Authors…

 I’ve interviewed many of the most beloved global transformational thought leaders and authors for my television programs, such as Mandala, and documentary films, – most of these individuals follow proven, yet simple, online business models and media strategies that generate 6+ figures for them year after year.

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author
Dr. Barbara De Angelis,
author of "Soul Shifts"
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author
Pedram Shojai,
author of "The Urban Monk "
Mallika Chopra,
Daughter of Deepak Chopra,
author of "Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy"
Featured Guest on Dr.Oz, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live & more,
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of "Life Visioning" & "Spiritual Liberation"
New York Times Bestselling Author
don Miguel Ruiz Jr.,
author of "Living A Life of Awareness" and "The Five Levels of Attachment"
Four-Time New York Times Bestselling Author
JJ Virgin, author of "The Virgin Diet" and "JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Diet"

You spent months, and possibly years, creating your book (Maybe it’s not even written yet), now you want to generate sustainable income transforming lives around the world with your wisdom. It can be through a coaching program, a live event or even a membership site…

…Yet, what is the next step?

Your written work, your spoken word, and your wisdom teaching all come from the energy center called the throat chakra. When this energy center is blocked from past trauma and both conscious and subconscious wounds and events…you’ll see it showing up as attracting few clients, failure to launch your online business and your book staying Invisible to the world.

 Use the power of energy balance and healing to launch your business and share your VOICE!

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There are a lot of business coaches out there… Here’s why working with Kristen is different.

I’m an author like you with two #1 Amazon Bestselling Books Mystic in a Minivan and Voice: How to Share your Message, Products and Business with the World. But that’s honestly where the work started!

Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of authors and I’ve won 7 awards for lifestyle business coaching and video production, including a Gold Stevie Award for Coach and Mentor of the Year and a Gold Award for Video of the Year.

My unique blend of mainstream TV news on-air experience, online marketing collaborating with the top internet marketers in the world and entrepreneurial media as a documentary filmmaker and executive producer of two independent TV shows has given me an unprecedented insider’s look into the online businesses of the most successful authors on the planet in personal development. I know how they do it, making 6 figures year after year... and I’ve helped many authors take the leap of faith into their own  lifestyle business, avoiding many of the traps that hold other authors back.

For you to gain the recognition and visibility needed for a sustainable business your need to make an Impact and create a Ripple Effect!

How? There are 2 core steps that you must take… #1: You need to create a strong and bold online business. And #2: You must use media to let the world know about you and your message.

Many Business Coaches will tell you what you should do and that’s about it… Kristen will help you uncover a Unique Authentic Message by tuning into your Highest Potential Self with her crystal clear intuition and then work with you Step-by-Step to put it all together! - Ryan Locke

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Ask yourself why now?

Because where you are right now in your business would make your heart break if you were in the same place a year from now, wouldn't it?

Plus it would be exhausting!

You wrote your book and poured out your heart and soul and now you want to get your work out to more people.

So doesn’t it make sense to take a leap and step into clarity during one day and a half  with an experienced feminine leader who herself has created multiple media platforms and coached hundreds of experts like you on the specific details of a successful online business.

Start creating the Business Beyond Your Book and build an enjoyable online lifestyle business that supports your BIG BOLD VISION!

If you’re ready for a crystal clear, step by step online business plan...

If you’re done with circular thinking that leaves you frustrated and stuck and you’re CRAVING insights and strategies that don’t happen sitting at your desk...

If you ready to start living the awesome Business Destiny that is waiting for you and be a recognized Enlightened Celebrity….

Now is your moment to shine!

Here’s what’s Included in the Two-Day Writing Workshop:

  • Monthyl LIVE Q & A calls where you can get valuable insight into your brand, offers, pricing and sales funnel designs from an award-winning business coach.
  • Online e-course with training, videos and templates to help you navigate, plan and design your successful online business
  • Private coaching call to map out your specific brand and concept and assess your plans for your vision.
  • Confidence and step-by-step details to mentor you to understand how to design and implement a laptop lifestyle business that unlocks the door to personal freedom.
  • Private Facebook Group with bonus interviews and content from other successful authors sharing their insider secrets
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More results Kristen White's clients have experienced

Hi I’m Henry Evans, author of “Winning with Accountability: The Secret Language of High-Performing Organizations” and founder of GetClearMarketing.com and I went to the ICA with Kristen White, and I got to tell you, I’ve spent over 100,000 dollars on my own education learning marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and she was able to distill in an hour the essence of what I’m trying to get out to the world very very quickly and just with the expertise of a surgeon, I can’t even begin to explain the impact that it's had on me. Learn from the best like I do, and it’s definitely Kristen White.

- Henry J. Evans

Kristen White has been an amazing inspiration for me and am blessed to have her in my life. I had been struggling to find my voice and put everything In order to grow my business. Kristen is definitely an expert in her field. I believe one of the main reasons is because she really cares about other people. She has a gift to communicate and takes the time to know her clients. What they like, what they want to achieve , what their goals and desires are. She gets to the root of who they are then knows how to place them in whatever area they want to pursue. After working with her  and implementing her program, my goals  are being met, my business is flourishing and I am much more in control of my life now. She has not only been a mentor, I now consider her my friend.

- Tina Weiss

It’s time to step into your role as an Enlightened Celebrity and be recognized worldwide for your transformational message.

It’s time to start making decisions from your VISION of where you want to be.

It’s time to embrace your life purpose and business destiny in a BIG, BOLD WAY.

Because with the strategic + intuitive 7-figure business plan we'll create together, you can achieve your dream, make an IMPACT and Start a Ripple Effect !

Love & Light,

I'm In!